Primary education

This is the education common for both lay and robed pupils. The education is provided from grades 1-5 including Sinhala, mathematics, science, English, sociology, Buddhism, Pali and Sanskrit. The final level of this education is the final end of the pirivena exam which is parallel to the G.C.E. O/L examinations held by the government.

Secondary education

This is also open for both lay and robed pupils. Monks are prepared for all Prachina exam while the lay pupils are prepared for the government exams from grades 6 to 11. Both lay and robed pupils have the opportunity to learn up to the G.C.E A/L. They can learn arts, commerce or science subjects with complete facilities such as library and laboratories.

Aesthetic education

There is an opportunity for the students to have an aesthetic education here. Painting subject is common for both lay and robed pupils while music and dancing are for lay pupils only

Information technology

We are aware the students of information technology and computer programming. Both monks and students can learn it under different groups according to their ages. It is taught for government examinations as well.

Education for foreign students

There are facilities for foreign students to learn Buddhist philosophy, Pali, Sanskrit and Thripitaka education. They can also sit local primary and secondary pirivena examinations. Additionally they have the opportunity to learn up to post graduate level English, Sinhala, Pali, Sanskrit. Languages are taught by experienced and qualified teachers to upgrade the language skills of the students.

Scholarships for local and foreign students

Sunethra Mahadevi Pirivena offers full and part time scholarships to both local and foreign students

Hostel facilities

Sunethra Mahadevi Pirivena is an institute with semi hostel facilities. There are hostel facilities for distant and foreign students. Presently about 100 students occupy the hostel. It is a special feature to provide alms and other requirements to the monk students free of charge of the activities of the hostel Candidates are selected through examinations and interviews. Full time scholarships off the educational opportunity free of charge for the whole period. While the part time scholarship offers the education free of charge for first academic year. Both local and foreign students can apply for scholarships. Here below the format of the application for scholarships

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